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Memo from Planetary Maintenance

Please note: gravity will be temporarily suspended this Thursday between 2 and 3 AM EST for software upgrades.

Please keep all Shelties indoors. Thank you.


You go, Cooper!

LOL, Becky and Scott!

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  1. Wow, talk about the fur flying! What an AMAZING photo and amazing sheltie!

  2. Way to go Mr. Cooper!!

  3. Careful there, Cooper, we don’t want you flying off into the upper atmosphere. What a great shot of him!

  4. Awesome picture! Shelties are ball-a-holics, every single one of them!

  5. OUTSTANDING SHOT! Shelties are soooo goofy and Cooper is no exception. What an athletic boy he is. Love the fur flying… such a fluffy coat too.

  6. What a great picture!!

  7. What a great picture! He sure is a good looking dog!

  8. WOW Becky and Scott . . . what a great action shot of Cooper. I love the wind blown action going on behind his ears, that hair standing up makes Cooper look like a real wild man, but an extremely cute wild man. Looks like he is having a really great time

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