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A Nose By Any Other Name…

would not be as cute!

Maestro Lovely photo of Maestro, Barbara!

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  1. I want to pet Maestro! He looks so regal & smart. I wonder is he waiting for a treat?

  2. Awe… so very precious! He’s beautiful!!

  3. He is just divine

  4. Maestro, I see a snout kiss coming your way. With a sweet face such as yours… who could resist! Beautiful photo… thanks for sharing Barbara!

  5. Aw-w-w Barbara, what a sweetheart Maestro looks to be. I love those big, beautiful brown eyes, as always, so expressive. He seems to be studying someone or something very intently. But we know that is one of the good Sheltie traits, you don’t sneak too much past them and they do not want to miss a thing. Hoping you and your little furbaby have many, long happy years ahead.

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