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I ReallyReallyReally Want This Ball

You get it, Mr. Chan!


chanball2Love this his face in this one, Rich!

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  1. Wow, what big teeth you have!! What a great couple of photos, I really enjoyed seeing this beautiful Sheltie in action… he’s a real competitor!

  2. Mr. Chan, you are so sporty & cool! But I am a little scared of your ferocious teefies!

  3. I love his face! He is so determined to get that Ball!

  4. Never has there been, nor shall be, a more devoted player than this major league man! Hall of Fame material is Mr. Chan, we look forward to watching his career very closely. ^..^
    For love of the game, Rosewyn

  5. A Sheltie & a ball…. hours (or days) of unending entertainment! <3

  6. Great photos and what a cute dog!

  7. I love the paw action!

  8. What great photos!!! Go Mr. Chan!

    He is so beautiful (and determined). I hope he got that ball ;-)

    Wishing you many happy years together!


  9. First picture says, “It’s mine, it’s mine!” Second one says, “Gotta it!” I’m loving that big Sheltie laugh! Rich, your baby is way too cute and having way too much fun, I just love seeing these furbabies this happy, it puts such a big smile on my face too.

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