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So relaxed, yet so… proper

At first, you hardly see Bailey’s crossed paws because of the pretty scenery.


The Penobscot River in Maine looks lovely, Cathy!

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  1. I can see crossed paws anywhere! Esp. when they’re attached to such a sweet Sheltie as Bailey. He looks like he just sat down to catch his breath before he’s off running to the river to look at & bark at some fishies or maybe a turtle?

  2. Love when they cross their paws!
    So precious!

  3. Yep per! They are awesome friends and very devoted! Your little girl is so beautiful!

  4. Love her smile!

  5. ?My goodness, Bailey is one adorable sheltie! With that adorable sheltie smile you can tell this environment is exactly what he needs on such a fine summer day. A shady spot with his special person makes the day complete!

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful image… we all wish we were there to enjoy it with the both of you too!

  6. What a nice photo and Bailey looks so regal, sittin’ by the lazy river. Such a little gentleman, I love his coloring and markings and love, love, love the Sheltie smile he is sharing with the camera.

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