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Mattie and Wallace give their humans approval for the new Sheltiemobile.


Have dogs,will travel. Right, Dave? ;)

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  1. Both called shotgun and are ready to go…

  2. What beautiful sweeties!!! Great shot. Zoom, zoom, zoom!

  3. Don’t we all drive Sheltiemobiles? They sure think so. What a couple of cuties!

  4. My shelties…love love love to go B-Y-E, B-Y-E. Yes we have to spell it.

  5. ROAD TRIP! Mattie’s got the maps, Wallace has the cooler full of green beans & carrot sticks for healthy snacking as they direct their human to the nearest dog park so they can show off their new wheels.

    I love Mattie’s relaxed, smiling face, while Wallace looks as if he’s about to lose his patience.

  6. Isn’t it wonderful that your furbabies, Mattie and Wallace, just decorate anything around them? They did a great job on your Sheltiemobile, you might want to patent that. Seriously, these are two real cutie pies and I know your lives are richer for having these two babies to share it with. Lucky, lucky you, I wish you many more long years of fun and companionship with your babies.

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