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Sleepy in Hungary!

Vuk decided to take a nap in the pretty flowers.dreamingsheltieThank you, Hedvig!

(Sorry, don’t know how to say ‘thank you’ in Hungarian yet!)

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  1. Stunning and beautiful!

  2. How lovely! Thanks for sharing from so far away!

  3. What a gorgeous shot!! I certainly hope you’ve framed it!!

  4. Oh! Way tooooo cute! They are every where. They must have a secret code
    in order to stay in touch.

  5. I love Shelties and nature, they go together perfectly. Vuk is so cute having a nap in the sunshine!

  6. So, is Vuk a pretty little lady or a handsome young man? Either way your baby is beautiful. I guess when a body gets tired from all the things a Sheltie must do, a nap is in order and what better place then a bed of flowers? A beautiful Sheltie will always, without fail, enhance the surrounding landscape and your Vuk has certainly pulled that off in grand style.

  7. Oooh, I love the international submissions! It makes me feel like we really are a worldwide family of Sheltie lovers. Vuk and his flowers are absolutely beautiful, Hedvig!!

  8. Köszönöm is Thank You in Hungarian

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