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Annoyed Halloween Costume Side-Eye!

What are you wearing this year Sheltie Nation?


Kilkenny was rescued from the Sheltie Shack of Blue Rapids, Kansas.

Hugs to you, Monika for adopting!

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  1. Very cute costume.

  2. Cute!!! I love those stink eye looks!

  3. Kilkenny is such a cutie! Even while giving the stinkeye she is so pretty. Adopted Shelties are awesome, thanks for adopting Monika.

  4. Perfect name, Kilkenny! I do be lovin our Sheltie heritage! I have a bonny lad named Banchory. What a Wee Darlint is your Kilkenny! ^..^

  5. Isn’t that funny, one of my Shelties makes side eyes or so I call it stink eye when she’s not a happy camper! Love your photo how precious!

  6. Despite the stink eye, Kilkenny is so adorable! Many many blessings upon you for adopting :)

  7. I think Kilkenny loos very festive!

    This year I will have a witch, a dinosaur, and a pumpkin gracing my home.

    Big thanks to Monika for adopting her beautiful baby!!!

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