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Biff! Sock! Zap! Kapow! Zowie!

Charlie and Mariah are tough crime fighters!

batsheltie1Very cute, Brown6! :)

Kobe & Chester are in their superhero pose!

batsheltie2LOL! Love it, Margaret!

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  1. Thanks for that precious picture, how cute!

  2. What a sweet picture of Charlie and Mariah, a boy and his crime fighting partner ready to take on anything, so long as it is together. Looks like the lifelong bond is already in motion, what a life time of fun these two have waiting for them.

    Margaret, what a great picture of Kobe and Chester, another pair of crime fighting partners or mischievous makers, but partners none the less. They are two beautiful Shelties, and such good sports to pose for all of us to enjoy. However, an extra cookie or two might be in order.

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