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Dog Napping!

shhh…Samson and Maude are sleepy.


They look like best buds, Natalie! :)

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  1. Thanks so much for your replies everyone! It means a lot to me. Yes they are our (furry, noisy, messy) babies and they are a blessing!

  2. I love these sleepy cuties! Adorable!!

  3. Look so sweet and cuddly…Get ready, they’re recharging their batteries! What great fun!

  4. What two cutie pie furbabies you have Natalie. Samson and Maude, I love their names and from the striking markings of each one, they could almost be twins, two really beautiful babies. I’m sure there is no lack of fun at your house. I wish you many long happy years with your companions.

  5. I feel a little sleepy looking at those sweet faces. Samson and Maude are so cute!

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