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My mom Connie’s Sheltie Snooky, is fearful and REALLY dreads entering our pool, BUT as soon as my mom places her on her little floatation mat, she immediately relaxes, enjoys it, and even FALLS ASLEEP on it! She’s SO cute!

SNOOKYpoolThat is amazing she gets so relaxed, Lisa!

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  1. That is so cute!!!

  2. Snooky is so cute on her mat! I bet it’s a strange sensation for her to be on the mat with the water under her, like a waterbed, no wonder she falls asleep. The reluctant bathing beauty, Snooky. Is she also from Jersey Shore? Or is it Joisey Shoah lol.

  3. So very adorable! She’s real bathing beauty :)

  4. wow, how neat. what a great selling point. she (he) looks like a sweet baby sleeping away, what if she wakes up and is startled, does she fall in? did she have a bad incident as a younger dog of falling in water? some dogs CAN’T swim, they are just unable…….

    • Lois–we have no idea what’s made Snooky so fearful of just about everything, because she’s from a sheltie rescue, and we don’t know all she experienced with her previous owner. But she never gets startled once she’s floating on her mat, and what you don’t see in the pic is my mom ALWAYS right by her side in case she does move! She swims to the ladder w/mom by her side too!

  5. Maybe I need to try that. My sheltie does not like to get in our pool.

    • My sheltie Panda is leary of the water too, but I carry him with me wading around in the pool, and after a long while, he seems to like that now! When I was in the pool recently, Panda walked up to the ladder all by himself, wanting to come in with me! It was SOO ADORABLE!

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