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It’s Friday somewhere in the world.

Chili and Chica live in Switzerland…and apparently it’s nap time. :)

swissWhat a life, Freddie! LOL

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  1. Thanks, Sullivan, you can see them both in action here :

  2. LOL, love those bellies! And they each have their own couch! Where do YOU sit? :)

  3. that could be taken at my house right about now. So cute, they look very cozy & comfy!

  4. WOW Freddie! I opened this picture and I’m still ROFLMAO! What A GREAT way to start the weekend early! Thanks for supplying this fun shot of your furbabies. I wish I could tell you just how adorable your Chili and Chica is but from this view about all I can see are their uh-huhs! However, using my imagination, I can picture these two little beauties as they really are, after all, ALL Shelties are beautiful/handsome.

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