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Got Your Halloween Costume Yet?

That’s a sweet costume you got there Lulu.

luludragonOh my, Valerie!

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  1. Why didn’t Lulu get entered into the Photo Contest at work with that cute costume?

  2. Oh she’s giving you that, oh mom do I have to face(sad face) I know that face very well, Lulu looks good! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow… this is the coolest costume I’ve ever seen!!! You look great, Lulu!! :)

  4. That’s a definite stink eye…lol

  5. Oh Valerie, are you in trouble . . . that’s the best case of side stink eye I’ve seen in a while! I think I hear Lulu saying “I AM NOT a happy camper!” But whether she likes it or not, that is an adorable costume and really makes her beautiful black coat just pop right off the page. Safe and fun trick or treating.

  6. Very unique costume! She looks very proud sporting it too! <3 :)

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