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No matter how big I get, I will always love you, bed.

Awe Jason, maybe it is time for an upgrade?


Or is that the cat’s bed, Lynn? LOL

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  1. Thank you all so very much! Really love this blue boy! That gorgeous coat if very full…and very deceiving. He’s 16″ and weighs 23 pounds. You should see him soaking wet! He just recently became MACH Jason! Even more reasons to be proud. :)

  2. LOL! Our beds don’t last that long.

  3. That is SO stinkin’ cute!!!!

  4. Indeed, an upgrade is in order… on the other hand… yes, it might be the cat bed… go figure… either way Jason is one cute pup!

  5. Now that’s one stunning sheltie!!

  6. Aww what a cute shot!

  7. Ha-Ha-Ha Jason! Just like the rest of us, in denial about how big our “bloomers” have gotten! What a handsome face you have and such beautiful markings and color on the coat, very striking.

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