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Once and ONLY once!

This is Kiki on her 7th birthday on 9-25. The bone was a gift from my daughter. Kiki got the hat off and chewed the elastic. Guess she wanted to make sure she never had to wear it again!

Oh my, Sara! LOL

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  1. She doesn’t look too happy! LOL!

  2. LOL! She looks like she’s she’s saying, “mom, I love you but I’ll only say this once: No. Hat!”

  3. Kiki, the hat really adds to your your ‘look.’ And when I say your look, I do mean the stinkeye you’re giving us! That bone sure looks good, at least you enjoyed that.

    My Shelties would have chewed off the elastic, too Kiki!

  4. How sweet! Kiki is beautiful in pink! Happy Birthday pretty girl!! :)

  5. Goodness Sara, if I’m reading Kiki’s stinkeye correctly, she seems to be saying, “There Mom, I fixed the hat for you, you will NEVER put that hat on my head again!” Happy belated Birthday Miss Kiki, you sure are wearing those 7 years well, you still look like a teenager! I’m sure you really enjoyed that beautiful cookie . . . somebody sure loves you.

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