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Ready for some football?

Mollie is thrilled football season is finally here!

molliefootballWell sort of thrilled, Denise & Jen?

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  1. Thanks to all for posting! Here’s to an inspiring and exciting football season with our Shelties!

  2. Mollie, you Beautiful girl, a perfect picture. I know you feel the love from you’re Mom and Dad…

  3. What a very beautiful girl Mollie is!

    Outstanding shot…..very much frame-worthy.

    ps Denise and Jen: Thanks for sharing your Mollie with us this Monday morning…brightened my day.

  4. Clearly she’d be more thrilled if that was a Ravens jersey. But what a cutie – look at that ear fluff :)

  5. Awww so cute. Good golly Miss Mollie you are adorable!

  6. They are soo gracious! Have a similar photo from years ago with our sheltie at the time in one of kid’s softball jackets with the bat and ball.

  7. Actually, it looks like Mollie does like the ball idea. However, would prefer to have the attention lavished on her! Sweet photo and lovely girl too!

  8. Looks like a touchdown to me!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hey Denise and Jen, what a GREAT little 50 yard line cheerleader you’ve got there. I bet Mollie has no problems getting the crowd to their feet! And if someone tosses in a cookie or two, so much the better. She is such a pretty little thing, I love the full blaze and the little tipped ears and everyone can just get lost in those sweet little brown soulful eyes. Have a wonderful time!

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