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Do you have some difficult spots the vacuum just doesn’t reach?

Ready to clean up any kitchen spill, wet or dry, the iSheltie is operational right out of the box – just flip the switch!

roomba(Good sports Lily the foster and Koji, the rescue, are both are from Collie and Sheltie Rescue of SE Virginia.)

Happy Halloween, Brent and Jenny!

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  1. First Brent and Jenny, many kudos for fostering Lily and congratulations for rescuing Koji, I’m thinking Lily is hoping you will be a failure at foster. What an unusual marking on the top of Koji’s head, it almost looks like an elongated diamond. Just so you will know, I would “hire” these two Roomba’s any time, my floors can always use a good Roomba session. Little Lily looks such a petite little girl, she too has unusual head markings, I love the little black “collar” running down under each ear. Good luck with your babies, I wish for you many long years with these sweet little souls.

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