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Sleepie Teefies!

Juke, adopted from Second Chance Sheltie Rescue in St. Louis.

I finally caught a picture of how silly his teefies look when sleeping!


He is happy even in his sleep, Angela!

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  1. My Allie is like that as well. Our other sheltie, which is pictured, shows his happiness in his eyes. :-)

  2. Oh Jukey Boy, you’re so cute when you sleep! Angela not only adopted Juke, but she is also one of our most active volunteers, fostering Shelties and managing our public events. :-)

  3. My first foster dog. He is beautiful.

  4. mom, he is having a great dream about the great home he has, how happy he is being where he is……. happy happy baby. rescued babies are especially happy.

  5. love the teefies, they look a little silly from this view but I’m sure they’re very ferocious when Juke is awake & on the prowl for fun! he’s a cutie, thanks for rescuing.

  6. ?Juke knows he is finally home!!!

    He is so comfy in his new furever home that he is smiling in his sleep. Angela, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for adopting! We all need a home and you stepped up to offer safety and comfort Juke so desperately needed. Bless you.

    I have adopted 5 over the years and my heart can leave this earth knowing I made a difference… Thanks to all the adopters out there from Sheltie Nation!

    We know all your dreams will be sweet dear Juke!

  7. Congratulations Angela on Jukes’ adoption, as I always say, here is another win-win situation. From what I can see of his little face, he looks like a real little cutie pie. It also looks like he is laughing in his sleep, ha-ha-ha, I just won the forever home lottery . . . look at me! I hope you have many long, happy years with this pretty little boy.

  8. Awesome pic of a specially loved Sheltie!

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