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Tall vs. Small

Guess which dog rules the roost?

Rusty, the 70 lb. Collie, with his best friend, Alaria, the 7 lb. Sheltie. Both adopted from Kansas City Sheltie Rescue, they had never met before Rusty came for a visit to his former foster home. They bonded quickly, and became best friends, although tiny Alaria set the rules!

RustyAlariaOf course she does, Debbie! LOL

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  1. such beautiful dogs.

  2. What a great photo! I love them both, and love that they both are rescues :)

  3. anyone have a sm female sheltie about 6 months -2 yrs old that needs a good home ands gets along with other dogs and cats??

  4. Sorry, but I have a hard time believing any Sheltie weighs just 7 lbs., unless it’s a tiny pup. Sweet picture, though.

  5. After seeing this pic, now I want a Collie! They look like fast friends, what a nice image. Rescue is wonderful.

  6. I do not have a “miniature” sheltie, I have the runt of the litter.

  7. What a great picture. So nice they get along.

  8. I would like to make a statement in regards to what I saw on your post, there is no such thing as miniature shelties. If anyone says that have one, don’t. You can check with AKC.

  9. Both are gorgeous dogs! Those girl shelties always tell the boys ‘what’s up’.

  10. WOW Debbie, how lucky were you to get not one, but two beauties. Thank you so much for adopting, it is so heart warming to know there are now 2 less homeless furbabies roaming the streets, wondering where and when their next meal was coming from, or where they were going to get to be safe to catch a little sleep. Rusty and Alaria and she gets to set the rules, why? Because she can, simple as that! Congratulations, we all know you will recieve that back 10 fold, but for you that is X2. I wish you many long, happy years with your new companions.

  11. How many of us had a Collie before we had shelties. What a lovely dog a Collie is. I only had one in my life. His name was Kip,he was a Saint in a Dog suit. I will never forget him. The sweetness of the Collie is also in a Sheltie though some Shelties are one manned dogs,slightly aloof. Good breeding however creates a friendly dog with a good temperament. A good sized adult Sheltie is about the size Collie puppie.

    • we had collies when I was a little girl, I think that’s why I just love Shelties & feel really comfortable with the breed. They remind me of the dogs we had growing up. I love Shelties & would love to have a collie one day, too. Looking at Rusty I can tell he’s a super nice dog as well as Alaria.

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