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Down and Dirty!

5 hours today at the groomer getting Piper spiffed up: $40
5 minutes running in the rain and mud tonight: priceless


LOL, that’s the spirit, Debbie!

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  1. LOL. It washes off, doesn’t it. :-)

  2. Piper doesn’t need another bath. The bath she had got the skin clean and the undercoat is still clean. Just let a dog who gets the surface muddy dry and then brush her and voila! Clean dog.

  3. Early this past September, I took my guy Motek to Petco for a bath. About a week later, he rolled in the grass and came up so stinky I couldn’t get next to him. So I gave him a bath. About a week later, we were walking around a duck pond here in New York City. He was sniffing around the edge of the pond and slipped in. Surprise, surprise, I found out that he can swim. We went directly to Petco for his 3rd bath in one month! You gotta love these mischievous creatures.

  4. I’m thinkin’ this might be pay back for the Sasparilla Saloon costume, after all she didn’t look none to happy to be dressed up. No matter, she is a cutie pie either way. Enjoy your sweet baby Debbie, looks like the Sheltie antics make your house a fun place to be.

  5. Piper doesn’t look very eager to climb into another bathtub today!

  6. Ha! My sheltie did the same thing not long ago. Barely home an hour and she was a mess. I should have taken a pic. She want straight to the sink ;-p

  7. LoL. Piper is typical of mine. Back from the groomer off they go, in any weather. It looks like he had lots of fun though and that is what counts. A tired Sheltie is a good Sheltie!

  8. Yes, we all want our furbabbies to look spiffy for the holidays…
    Well, Piper, you mom might need to get you in the tub for a minor cleanup! You are cute no matter what! Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday!

  9. Ours would have never gone out in the rain. So prissy, these dogs. But we love them!

  10. The muddy pic will make you smile for years to come :)

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