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That Hopeful Look

Maestro, does your human have something yummy?

Maestrolook:)) Barbara

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  1. That precious face needs some kisses.

  2. Oh my …what a cutie!!! Such an intense pose and big beautiful brown eyes!

  3. Wow, Maestro is so handsome! I hope he got the treat he looks like he’s waiting for in the picture. He sure knows how to sit pretty.

  4. I love Shelties, especially my Kenzie ??

  5. Wow…Beautiful. Hope he got it ?

  6. Maestro is so handsome; wishing you many happy years together!


  7. Look at that cute little turned up nose and the intensity in those sweet little eyes, you can bet somebody off camera has something that is holding little Maestro in full attention mode. What a handsome little man he is and just too cute.

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