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I’m keeping the bed warm for you!

(Yawn) Bugsy makes me want to take a nap.

bugsypillowLove those pillow cases too, Noella!

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  1. Love those pillow cases I have them too. Love the sheltie too.

  2. The pillow cases can be found at, there are cat ones as well, excellent quality!

  3. And tips on how to keep those sheets clean! My husband was so aggravated when I bought a white comforter, ha. Bugsy is gorgeous.

  4. Aw-w-w Noella, what a love. With such perfect markings, this makes your Bugsy a strikingly handsome young man . . . that gets the prized spot on the human bed any time. I love the little blaze and the tipped ears, that does it for me every time. I hope you have many long fun filled years with your sweet little soul.

  5. any idea where those sheets can be found?

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