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Monkey Snorgle

Wallace knows purple monkeys make the best pillows. :)

wallacesleepAwe, David.

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  1. Hello David-

    When I saw your Wallace’s picture, I thought someone had possibly snuck into our home and took a picture of our furbaby! Aria is EXACTLY the same look! I hope you and Wallace share fun, food and family!

  2. What a sweet little boy. Wishing you and Wallace many years of happiness together!


  3. Awww that is so sweet! Wallace is super cute.

  4. He is beautiful!! :)

  5. Wallace is a very handsome boy! Shhhh! He’s sleeping!

  6. Well David, it is for sure you have made everything content and secure in Wallace’s world, he is such a handsome gentleman. What a beautiful little face you get the honor of looking at every day . . . if my computer came equipped with “hear-a-vision”, I’m thinking I might catch your sweet furbaby snoring! Enjoy many more years with your sweet boy.

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