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Because a picture is worth a thousand Shelties.

Our Shelties had a Super Dog Camp out vacation at Sampson State Park in September for some breed showing and agility competition!!
Back Row L to R – Fab, Sally, Linus, Moriah, Cheer, Fred
Front Row L to R – Winnie, Lauren

8sheltiesThat’s a lot of Shelties, Glenn!

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  1. wow, how did you get them all to sit so nice???? LOL

  2. Fingerlakes Region of NY? I think I recognize the lake. I don’t know how you got them all to set so nicely. Every time I point a camera at my Dancer she has to run up to me and investigate.

  3. Can never have too many well behaved shelties who pose so beautifully for a picture. That’s a given with our unique breed, isn’t it ! ?

  4. Your pack is beautiful. I am glad to see I am not the only one to think Sheltie’s are like potato chips, one is never enough. I have one of every color and have a great time with them every one has a different personality. God Bless

  5. Beautiful picture!

  6. What a wonderful bunch of beautiful, intelligent shelties! Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Wow! And 7 more wows! It’s hard enough for me to get my one Sheltie to sit pretty for a picture, imagine getting 8 of them to do it at once.

  8. How in the world did you get them ALL to sit still and pose pretty?

  9. Just amazing! There beauty, the pose, and the adorable lovable faces.

  10. We need a “LOVE” button instead of LIKE, for pics like this!!


    How beautiful it is to see these beautiful shelties in a background that reflects the beauty of the breed. So many shelties and each one has a beauty all their own.

    CONGRATS to all competitors showing in breed and the agility competition. I would give them all blue ribbons!

    Thanks for sharing this image with us… makes us all proud to be sheltie owners!

  12. What a beautiful picture!!!

  13. Wow! What’s it like in your house when the doorbell rings :-)

    You have beautiful shelties and the photo is amazing!

  14. WOW, Glenn! I think there are only 2 things to be said here, first and foremost, what an absolutely beautiful, stunning pack you have, I guess variety really is the spice of life! And second, I think I’m glad I’m not at your house when the there is a knock on the door. LOL! But what a great day you get to have every day sharing it with all your furbabies.

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