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Sheltie Photobomb!

My hubby was taking a photo of our baby eating his first veggie (sweet potato) and had caught Indie in the background looking so pitiful!

Sharing is caring… I’m sure he’s thinking.


Always in the right place at the right time to get noticed, Gail! ;)

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  1. From the looks on little Indie’s face, you’d think the poor little thing never got a bite to eat. These sweet little Sheltie’s have the look down pat that is geared to make us pet parents fill so guilty, after all we know they are SO-O-O neglected! What a beauty baby you have Gail, I’m guessing when the food is not out these two are best buddies.

  2. waiting for an oops and a spilled spoonful to cleanup, world’s best licker upper!!

  3. If I stare at that spoon long enough I know it will come to me instead of that other baby.

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