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And So It Begins

When taking out the tree as we traditionally do every year after Thanksgiving, Will gets his hat photo.

Instead of running this year at the sight of the tree, he just sat there and had the look, like…lets get it over with.


Yep I’d say he is thinking that very thing, Cece!

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  1. Poor darling…

    Maybe next year he will not need to endure the indignity?
    Sheltie are beautiful just they way they are!

    OK, I will admit, mine have Christmas collars…

  2. Oh dear, Will, hopefully cookies were involved! LOL!! He is a very patient gentleman to put up with this every year. Very cute.

  3. Will is a smart boy! He knows he’s getting his picture taken so he may as well get it over with. So he can take that hat off until next year. So cute!

  4. What a cute photo and what a good sport!

  5. Oh Boy, Oh Boy! Just wait . . . when Santa sees ALL this cuteness, and of course he has checked his naughty and nice list and he knows that I’ve been such a good little boy this year, that he won’t be able to resist and I’ll get everything on my list! Hurry up Santa, all this goodness can’t last that much longer!

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