Sheltie Nation

Camouflage, 90% complete!

Scooter, a few more flakes and you will disappear completely!  ;)


Thanks to Rebekah!

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  1. I just have to say I love this website. There is just something about shelties, and I am sitting on the couch with a great one, Sam, who is 14. For some darn reason they can really be amusing.

    I just don’t know any other breed that is like this! What is it about shelties? I’m serious. They are such handsome dogs, but they are bizarrely expressive and funny. Anyway, just love the photos and comments. Thanks!

  2. Anyone seen Scooter? LOL. Very cute picture.

  3. Scooter is a cutie! They sure do love snow don’t they. Mine went crazy last week when we had a dusting of snow.

  4. Looks hidden to me! Thanks for the cute photo!

  5. Well, don’t you just know that Scooter’s coate is so full and fluffy that the snow will never melt off his back! And what a handsome coat it is too!!!!
    What a sweet face and cute markings. Enjoy that snow Scooter!

  6. What a little cutie he is, from the looks of Scooter’s nice full, fluffy coat, that little dusting of snow shouldn’t give him any problems, though I’m not quite sure what the expression is I’m reading on his face, but it looks like he might not be so happy in all this white stuff. Regardless, he is still a very handsome little man Rebekah.

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