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An Epically Cute Baroo!

13 week old Ruffles says: “Cookie? Did you say cookie?”


Ann, she is amazingly cute!

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  1. Thanks, everyone! She is smart as a whip and learning fast (especially how to wrap us around her little paw…) She brings our Sheltie herd to 5 but is the first puppy we’ve had in 7 years and we’re really enjoying her!

  2. Absolutely adorable!!!

  3. Sooo cute. Love the sheltie head tilt.

  4. Oh Ann! How could you ever resist that sweet little face?! Ruffles is absolutely stunning! :D

  5. What an absolute doll!

  6. Uh-oh Ann, you’re in trouble already, with that cute little head tilt, I see this sweet little girl already having momma wrapped around her little paw. But then again, who says that’s a bad thing, isn’t that what we do, live to spoil these sweet little souls? Enjoy all the fun this little furbaby is going to bring to your lives for many years to come.

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