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Great Job, Aggie!

Here is a recent photo of Aggie wearing her cancer-awareness pink MVP football jersey for Halloween.

She continues to defy the odds and beat lymphoma. At 13 and a half years young, she’s still full of bounce, bark, and spunk.


Amazing and wonderful news, Ken.

Goooo, Aggie!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS, SWEET AGGIE!!!!! Such wonderful news for you and Ken! I am so happy for you, honey! I pray for many more years of happiness and good health. Keep Ken running!

  2. We have had shelties for 33 years. LOst a dog to lymphoma at 12. Would like to know what she had for treatments to beat it ? Currently have 2 sheltie girls :) a 4 yr old and a 1 yr old.

  3. Aggie is just gorgeous! I can’t believe she’s both a senior Sheltie AND a cancer survivor. She does look like she’s still full of bounce, bark, and spunk. Keep on trucking Aggie!

  4. So glad to hear this spunky senior girl is beating her disease! She looks like such a doll. Way to go, Aggie, sending wishes for many more happy healthy years!!

  5. Way to go, Aggie! You are truly an inspiration! Hugs and love to you both :)

  6. So happy for you Aggie!

  7. Good news Aggie!

  8. Congratulations Aggie!!!

    Wishing you many more years of happiness and great health!

    ~Kimberly, Logan, Piper, ans Holly

  9. Aggie a huge congrats to you. Wonderful news! Many days ahead for you being cancer free! Hug and kisses being sent your way…

    Ken, thanks for being such a great sheltie parent!

  10. WAHOO! GO AGGIE, GO AGGIE! What a beautiful little girl your Aggie is. 13 1/2 years, how wonderful Ken that you have taken such good care of your sweet little Angel. Such a little cutie, just look at those big, bright shiny eyes that still look like they hold plenty of mischievousness and I suspect she is queen of the house and gets away with just about anything, exactly the way it should be. I pray for you many more years of happiness with your little heart dog.

  11. WTG Aggie! You look like such a sweetie! I know, from experience of having Sheltie family members most of my life, that they are fighters against many an ailment. Very strong will to any situation. <3 to you little one!

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