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I know I had some peas around here somewhere.

Uh oh, Kipper!


Well at least it is a healthy treat, Jan!

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  1. Om my, what a beautiful, innocent face! You’ve got your hands full, Jan :)

  2. Kipper is sooo cute! He stole my heart along with the peas.

  3. Kipper is absolutely adorable. His facial colors are so interesting and his tipped ears frame his face perfectly. He is and will be a real lady’s man. Can’t wait to see what he looks like as an adult. He’s going to be gorgeous. Jan you are one lucky person. I wish you a gazillion years of cuddles, fun and face licks with this furry treasure.

  4. Oh boy can they find things! Cute pup!

  5. Oh! What a precious little face!

  6. Aw-w-w Jan, what a SWEET little love you have there and such a young one to be counter surfing already, (although my guess would really be that you set a grocery bag on the floor and Kipper decided hey, if it’s down here in my territory, it’s fair game!) But as stated, at least it was something that could not hurt the baby. Look at those cute little eyes as if already saying, “Who, me?” I’d say there’s going to be lots and fun in your house with this one. Patience momma, patience!

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