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The Meeting Will Come To Disorder

Bentley calls his Monday morning staff meeting?


;) Kristen

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  1. What a great puppy!!! I was there that day and watched Bentley herd his “friends” around the yard…It was soooooo much fun to see….He has a great future ahead of him….wait until the next step….the geese arrive…he will be in for a HUGE surprise with them….

  2. That’s our Bentley Boy!! He loves playing with the chickens. He has gotten so big, his coat is coming in beautiful, with lots of brushing & a good conditioner. We had another Sheltie years ago, he was such a good dog. Bentley is everything Dusty wasn’t. He is our “Marley”, and makes us laugh.

  3. Maybe Bentley is trying to find out for once and all just WHY those chickens cross the road! Very cute!

  4. The chickens don’t seem very threatened by Bentley-he may need some herding training!

  5. My Shelties would never lay and watch anything come into their yard! Great photo!

  6. Oh my Bentley, I can just see all those little Sheltie brain cells working overtime, thinking what am I going to do with these “things”! But, being the true Sheltie gentleman, although a young one, he is still displaying his best manners. Bentley is beautiful and I love his coloring, I’m guessing he is going to make one fine looking adult.

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