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Santa’s Gonna Be Here Soon!

Maggie, you would be the best present!


Pretty girl, Samantha!

Logan says: “Why am I posing next to the small tree?”


;) Mike

Missy says: “Santa, I want some yummy treats and a box of toys!”


Merry Christmas, Jessica!

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  1. What a pretty girl you are Maggie. Here’s hoping mommy spoils you this Christmas.

  2. Samantha, what a pretty little girl Maggie and with that big white diamond in the center of her forehead, she definitely stands out as the little jewel in the crown. Merry Christmas.

    Mike, Logan sure is a handsome fella, I love his coat color and with that full white bib makes him look just that more stately. Merry Christmas.

    Jessica, I say Missy looks like she deserves everything on her list. I love the full blaze she has, it makes her that much cuter. Merry Christmas.

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