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Snow Way!

Aslan got a little snow on his nose!


Wow Mark! Snow in Arkansas!?

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  1. Adorable! Love his name :)

  2. Aslan is gorgeous even with a snowy nose! He looks like he’s ready to tear off and romp in the snow as soon as his picture is taken. I love his coloring, his prick ears, his blaze, he’s one handsome Sheltie Mark.

  3. Asian is absolutely ADORABLE with that bit of snow on the end of hims nose :)

  4. Now that’s one beautiful sheltie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I do believe Aslan’s stinkeye tells the whole story, he seems to be saying, Mom, I am a dignified Sheltie, please clean THAT off my face now and this better not be posted on Facebook!

    Regardless Aslan, I think you are stunning and I love his coat color. Wishing you many happy play days.

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