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Sweet! Holiday Leftovers!

Bailey looked handsome at the NJ Sheltie rescue Christmas party!


Hugs for rescuing, Lauren!


Laddie, Chance and Logan are 3 little holiday elves!


:) Gloria


Shea, you got photobombed by Santa!


LOL, Jenni!


Rasa did you get lots of presents this year?


What a sweet face, Suzanne!

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  1. Nice shots of all the dogs! Thanks to everyone for sharing their holiday photos.

  2. So glad for the “leftovers”. Because I can never get enough of these sweet Sheltie faces!

  3. I love being able to hear all your furbabies stories and antics through out the year, thank you all at Sheltie Nation for sharing with those of us who happen to be Sheltie”less” at this time. They are all such beauties, I’m just glad I’m not a judge for that beauty pageant.

    Wishing everyone a safe, Happy New Year.

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