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Wanna Cuddle?

Cooper is waiting.


What a face, Denise!

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  1. Omg pick me, I want a cuddle!

  2. I would cuddle with Cooper! Beautiful dog!

  3. Why, Cooper, yes I do! Who could resist this little face in his cozy nest? Hopefully your Mom complied! LOL.

  4. Who could POSSIBLY resist! Not me!

  5. Same thing with my Bindi. She cuddles with me. So she melts my heart!

  6. Awe…I’d love to cuddle. Too cute ?

  7. Who could refuse a furbaby with a face like that. Certainly not me. He’s so cute.

  8. Aw-w-w Denise, look at those sweet, sweet little soulful eyes. I would fall into them every time and I dare say, with that look, I would not be able to deny Cooper anything his little heart desires. Isn’t is just so fun to spoil these babies?

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