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Max and Chan will be watching you!


Nice touch with the decal, Richard! ;)

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “No one gets IN or OUT of my house without me knowing about it with a Sheltie on duty.”

  2. So this is a bait & switch security system? They look so cute that strangers are magnetically drawn closer to gaze upon the beauty of two gorgeous Shelties in the window. Then -BAM- the insane barking & spinning starts to scare the interlopers off. That’s the way it works at my house lol.

  3. No one is getting past Max and Chan when they are on patrol!

    Sheties are the best alarm system!

    Love the sticker… will have to make one for my boys!

  4. Security by Max and Chan, with one Sheltie on duty you MIGHT get by but with 2 you don’t stand a snow balls chance in Hades of making it through! And we know if one is watching, the second one is serving at backup. Richard those are two very handsome little gentlemen you have. I think they need an extra cookie or two, (certainly and extra kiss and pat), for being so diligent in their jobs!

  5. Good looking “watch dogs”! I’m assuming both have Rolexes? Beautiful babes!!

  6. OMG how cute, but I would not be scared, not at all; I would definitely try to steal…. a kiss or two! LOL :D

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