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Who Loves Snow?

Sadie does!


Awe happy girl, Ralph!

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  1. Sadie is beautiful!

    My three snow bunnies won’t come in unless there are cookies involved :-)



  3. ?What a beautiful sweet face Sadie has.
    You can read the sweetness of temperament in her face…
    Lovely photo.
    Thanks for sharing Ralph!

  4. Aww Sadie you look so beautiful in the falling snow!

  5. Those silly Shelties love the snow. Sadie is “singing in the snow” ? Pretty girl.

  6. Aw-w-w Ralph, this is a great shot. Sadie would make a beautiful December “pin-up” calendar girl. She looks like she could be a wonderful ambassador for our beloved breed. Her sweet face seems to be saying to the camera, come join me, I’m having a wonderful time. Lucky you to get to share your life with your baby.

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