Sheltie Nation

Nobody sneaks up on this house!

JoJo, Laona Mae and Stewart are on the job.


Rest easy, Jennifer! ;)

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  1. Now that is a secure house!

    When shelties are on patrol NO ONE can enter!

  2. Three super sweet Shelties. They do a good job guarding homes for us.

  3. This is my house too…No one sneaks up!!!!

  4. This is my house too…No one sneaks up!!!!

  5. Man-oh-man, one look at this alarm system would have me running in the other direction, it’s for sure nothing is going to sneak up on you Jennifer. And I bet all the payment required is a pet, kiss, hug and a cookie. WTG JoJo, Laona Mae and Stewart, good baby’s keepin’ momma safe.

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