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A Regal Moment in the Snow

Taran has that, “follow me” look.


Even his name is regal, Peggy!

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  1. can you say, “Handsome”?

  2. Wow! Taran is one handsome gentleman!

    PS – I love his name!


  4. WOW, stunning sheltie boy and stunning photo! I’d follow him anywhere :)

  5. Regal indeed! Taran is one majestic sheltie.

    Love tri’s! Always wanted one.

    I know that thick luscious coat will keep Taran warm.

    Great photo!

  6. Good looking boy!

  7. Such beautiful snow baby’s showing up at Sheltie Nation, looks like there is going to have to be a club formed. Peggy, your Taran is so-o-o handsome, even in all that snow and wetness, I can see the beauty shining through, you must be so proud. Stay warm, stay safe, give a hug and cookie from me.

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