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Tribbles: fact or fiction?


Yep, one more ball of hair from Linus or Lulu and you will have third dog, Valerie!

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  1. Now that is a familiar picture,,looks like our house! Pretty faces !

  2. I wish Shaggy has half of that hair

  3. Whenever I groom my dogs I always tell them their puppy is in the trash can!

  4. They look lovely now!


  6. Same thing happens at my place. It’s the reason that either I brush them outside or take them to the groomer.

  7. Maybe they’re giving up all that fur in the hope that Mom can knit them a puppy to play with. Beautiful dogs & great grooming job. Can I talk you into coming to groom mine?

  8. Isn’t that the truth! Beautiful little kids you have there!

  9. Both of your baby’s are gorgeous Valerie and just think how much better they look and how much more comfortable they are with all the hair and weight gone. Such pretty faces and look to be real sweethearts.

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