Sheltie Nation

Window washers, only pennies a day…

No job is too small.

Call 1-800-SHELTIE, press 1 for Ozzie and Andie.


Get that boy a squeegee, Robert! ;)

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  1. Let us in!! Woof. Please??

  2. Hi there boys, see that you are keeping up with help! Tell mom and dad that you need a special treat on my behalf!Miss you guys. love ya

  3. Will work for treats!

  4. Those are a couple of magnificent fur coats! Beautiful dogs.

  5. I called but all I heard in the background was barking, endless barking. I put my Sheltie on the line but the barking only increased in volume, mine included. I’m prepared to offer Ozzie and Andie a position, they look like real go-getters to me. Plus they’re adorable!

  6. I’d hire them Robert! Just think how much better a job they could do if they had opposable thumbs, give them a squirt bottle and they could reach the high spots. What is their pay rate, a squeaky toy each and a cookie? They are both too cute, such little loves with adorable faces.

  7. THAT’S adorable!

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