Sheltie Nation

I don’t see it.

Kelly, why are you posting a photo of a stuffed bear on Sheltie Nation?

Oh wait, now I see Heidi.

Sheltie photobomb

LOL, Kathy!

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  1. Cute picture! She is watching that bear for signs of aggression before she comes inside! So cute.

  2. Heidi’s eyes speak from experience. Something about that bear just isn’t right.

  3. She’s peeking! Love the photo!

  4. What a beautiful little girl! I love the look on her face and those tipped ears. She looks soooo sweet. Her name should be Honey.

  5. As we all know with the Shelties, it is all about the eyes. Look at sweet little Heidi’s eyes, she is looking for the bear to be sure there is not going to be a sneak attack! I also see apprehension in case there is an attack, Heidi will be able to make a swift get-away to momma for protection. She is just too cute with those little tipped ears.

  6. Awe….. Peek-a-boo! I see you! <3 :)

  7. Another sheltie photo bomb!!

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