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First Date

Hair combed? Check.
Tie? Check.
Flowers? Check.
Candy? Check.


Yep, Toby’s ready.

Very cute, Sharon!

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  1. Toby is one handsome pup! He can give me sheltie kisses anytime!
    He is ready for his closeup!

  2. With that tie Toby could be my date anytime. This is one of the cutest pictures. What a sweetheart to let you pose him.

  3. What a handsome guy Toby is! I’d go on a date with him any time :)

    • Well, I’m not the lucky Sharon this fine gentleman belongs to, but I have to say I wouldn’t mind having him decorate my couch!

      Toby, the ladies don’t have a chance with you around! LOL!

  4. Lol! Very handsome, he cannot fail to impress the girls!

  5. Toby is one dapper gent!

    No doubt he will melt the ladies’ hearts!

  6. Beautiful fur coat Toby has, great picture!

  7. Aw-w-w Toby, you’re such a handsome gentleman, someone is in for a real treat Valentine’s night. I would go on that first date with you without the flowers and candy. Have a wonderful time, make someone happy! Sharon, I am so jealous, your little man is just so stunning. Those sweet little eyes seem to be saying, “so . . . are you ready for me, let’s go?”

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