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Hoverball Sheltie

Buddy says: weeeee!

sheltie running in snow

Love his happy expression, Jo!

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  1. This just made me giggle. Having a ball!

  2. Love it, He seems to be having a blast

  3. Where are the feet? Looks like a great big sheltie ball, Good one!

  4. His smile say it all. With his hair flying back and the roundness of his body he looks like a puffer fish. I wish we had snow where I live my Shelties have never seen snow

  5. IF you looked up the definition of JOY in the dictionary, Buddy’s picture would be right there. What a cutie!

  6. OMG –

    That is the cutest shot ever!!!!
    Caption is spot on as usual Kelly!

    Buddy looks like one ball of fun!!!
    Seems like he is the only one enjoying the snow these days…

    Us humans just want to to end!

  7. Buddy looks like one really happy boy and in his element. Enjoy Buddy, soon this horrible winter will be over.

  8. I love that Sheltie smile! Buddy is having one heck of a blast! Kelly can,t wait to get out our door for a whip back and forth in the snow!

  9. Ha Ha what a cute picture, looks like he’s having a ball!

  10. Hey, look everybody! The newest fad, Sheltie Snowmen and Buddy is just the handsomest little dude to “get the ball rolling”! Jo, he is just too cute and I think that is about the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. Lots of zoomies and more fun than your house can handle. Enjoy!

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