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Mischief Girl

Bella Rose, what are you contemplating?


A twinkle in the eye, Janet!

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  1. Definitely a cheeky sparkle in the eyes there! Lucky owners!

  2. haha Those eyes tell it all, don,t they! Get ready for it !

  3. I’ve seen that exact same look in Lucy’s eyes too many times to count. Trouble is coming!

  4. What a beautiful, happy girl Bella Rose is. Wishing you many, many happy years together!

  5. Hmmmm, I do think Bella Rose may be cooking something up – she’s awfully bright-eyed! What a pretty girl. Hope she had fun doing whatever she thought up!

  6. Ok, Bella Rose, now that you have that monkey other control…
    …who is next?

    Yep, she has got that look… watch out Janet!

    Bella Rose sure is a cutie!!!

  7. Oh I see the “fun wheels” turning in that little girl’s brain ;)

  8. I love her name, such a pretty sheltie!

  9. What a beautiful little fur baby you have Janet. From the look in those sweet little eyes, looks like either a round of zoomies is comin’ or grab the monkey and run for a game of keep-away! Looks like your house is a fun place to be . . . lucky you.

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