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MMMMM….Frosted Sheltie!

I bet Bryn’s kisses are cold but sweet!

What a cutie pie, Gail!

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  1. Too sweet! Gotta love that face.
    Byrn has on cute face even full of snow!
    Enjoy that snow cone snout…

  2. Sweet face she has!

  3. My goodness, Gail, who wouldn’t want one of those frozen kisses? I’d sure stand in line for one. Your Bryn is probably one of the most beautiful Shelties I have ever seen, but my prejudice is showing here, your Bryn is a mirror image of my Angel, Bambi, whom I still miss so much. Thank you for sharing, this brings back many, many good memories for me.

  4. Ha ha ~ YES – “frosted” indeed! ‘Love your comments ~ and ALL the Shelties! ???•´¯`»?

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