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Olympics Draw Huge Audience; Some Events More Riveting Than Others.

Barclay and Jamie have been practicing hard for the Olympic sport of synchronized sleeping.


8.5, Joe & Linda? ;)

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  1. FUNNY!!! I call that the “thunk” position because when Matilda rolls over to hit that pose, I know I hear something that sounds like “thunk”.

    Close to a clunk, but padded with that gorgeous sheltie coat.


  2. Give those kids a 10. Look how hard they practiced ;)

  3. I have two that can win medals in this sport.

  4. Whew-w-w, rooting for the MVP of the Puppy Bowl sure wears a fella out! What beautiful baby’s both Barclay and Jamie are. Looks like Barclay arrived at the game a little too late and Jamie, the couch hog, wasn’t givin’ up any of his turf.

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