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That’s Close Enough

(L to R) Velo, Oliver, Indy and Gibson are quite content with the water just out of reach.

Shelties by water

Beautiful dogs, Carol!

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  1. 4 beautiful furry creatures xo

  2. Very nice looking dogs. I hope Prancer turns out as handsome.
    Your very lucky for having them as they are very lucky to have you.

  3. The only thing better than being by the water is …
    being with your shelties by the water!

    You are one lucky human Carol!

  4. What beauties!! This is a perfect postcard!!

  5. What handsome guys and so well groomed. How did you get them to sit still and pose like that? Fabulous photo. Lucky you with 4 beauties. I bet you have to vacuum every day!

  6. Beautiful picture, and to get them to stay still, amazing!

  7. WOW Carol, they are all so stunning, I sure hope you don’t ever have to pick a favorite! They all look so spry and chipper, are they all that well behaved that they pose for their pictures or does something just off camera have their attention? Whatever they case, they are all beautiful, you must be so proud.

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