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Way Too Many? NEVER!

Sherlock LOVES his toys and says he certainly can’t have too many!

rescue sheltie toys

Congrats on adopting, Bobbie!

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  1. Toys are very important aren’t they handsome boy!?

  2. Sherlocl is such a handsome dude ! Congratulations on your new addition to the family…So much fun and love to give each other in the years ahead!.
    Kelly I think has more toys than any of our kids ever had at one time…so the kids tell me!Every time I go to town, I can be sure she is waiting at the door for her bag !

  3. Sherlock has such a sweet gaze as if to say… “are you adding to my collection”… “the more the better!”

    Thanks for adopting… no better feeling in the world.

    Many more playful days to come!

  4. Sherlock is so handsome and sweet looking. Adoption is the best — I highly recommend it. I’ve adopted 3 beauties, spoiled them rotten and we couldn’t be happier.

  5. Sherlock your just a handsome boy!

  6. Sweet face! There’s always room for more toys!

  7. Sherlock is uniquely handsome!! Looks like a real sweety!

  8. Spoiled much, OH YEAH and that’s just the way we like it! Your little Sherlock is so handsome, such a beautiful color and I love, love, love those little tipped ears. He is just too-o-o cute, with all those toys, your house is going to be so much fun. Congratulations Bobbie on the adoption, Sherlock will grow up knowing how blessed he has been and will give back to you 10 fold, well done.

    • What you said Sullivan;) My Amanda can’t have ‘too-many’ toys ~ and is VERY proprietary of them (her grandpa dubbed-them her ‘babies’;). Sherlock looks-as-if he’s been initiated into the ‘I am an absolutely loved and adored’ Sheltie-Club by Bobbie. We ‘Parents’ need a ‘secret-handshake’, don’t we?;)

      • I think you’re right Nickie. I got one! Fist bump (like Howie Mandell), full fist in, point with both index fingers, pull them in, thumbs up! What do you think, could that work?

  9. Sherlock is one Handsome Sheltie.

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