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Anyone seen the TV remote?

Murphy is now in control!


Might be time to take him for a walk, John? :)

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  1. What a sweetie! Rule of the remote in our house – if Laddie is on the sofa, he is also sitting on the remote.

  2. Looks like we’re in for another night of Animal Planet again folks. Someone needs to distract that cutie with a treat or something so we can get that remote back!

  3. See he has Direct TV remote, Murphy is looking for “Dog TV”

  4. Waiting for “Lassie” on MeTV.

  5. That’s freakin funny ! Very handsome boy !

  6. You know John, I think Murphy might be saying, “Quite hogging the remote, it’s time for my favorite episode of Too Cute! featuring the Sheltie puppies.” Yes, Murphy may be a manly man, but he also has a sensitive side that needs to come out from time to time.

    Seriously, with those tipped ears and that big signature Sheltie smile, Murphy is a very handsome young man. He has a face that is beautiful enough that it doesn’t need a blaze.

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