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Hello Down There

Holly greets little Jennie!JennieHolly
Lucky you, Dan and Gayle!

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  1. What is better than a sheltie… why TWO of course!

    Many days of fun ahead for all of you!

  2. That is such a sweet picture! Looks like they are going to be great friends. The only thing prettier than 2 shelties playing is 3 or more shelties playing. Holly looks like she’s a blue merle. I have a special place in my heart for blue merles. Jennie looks like the cutest little tri. I wish you many years of fun and frolic with your 2 furbabies.

  3. Lucky you indeed, Dan and Gayle, just look at all the fun you just added to your family! Holly is beautiful and little Jennie is adorable, they will be BFF’s in no time. With all that Sheltie brain power, be prepared for any-
    thing to happen, because what one can’t think of the other one will! It’s going to be fun watching this one grow and these two develop over time.

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